Inportance of English

English is becoming more important today in Japan.
There are a lot of English conversation schools, and candidates for TOEIC or TOEFL are greatly increasing.

In Japan, students generally start learning English just as entering a junior high school.
Now, I've studied this embarrassing language for 9 years, but... whenever I read sentences, I'm so puzzled that I carry my dictionary with me at all time.
If I talk with an American, I'll show his or her off my English ability.
Of course, it's poor one.

But, I don't think the way to teach English in Japan is wrong one.
I'm afraid that the Japanese can't speak English so fluently, because we don't have opportunity to touch languages except our one.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

We can spend ereryday life without using English, so we don't have this "Necessity" except the English exam.
If we want to use freely, I think, we should stay abroad for some months or years.
So, I'd like to go U.K. or U.S. to touch their language, culture or way of thinking.

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